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Terms and Conditions

Unless other conditions have been agreed in writing, these business conditions issued in accordance with the provisions of Section 1751, Paragraph 1 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll. as amended contractual relations arising between Ing. Petr Skopal, IČ: 75516155, with its registered office at Letovická 20, 621 00 Brno, a natural person registered in the Trade Register in Brno, as the organizer of courses and other cultural events, hereinafter referred to as the organizer. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the contractual relationship between the organizer and the participant and by concluding the contractual relationship, the participant unreservedly confirms his agreement with these terms and conditions and undertakes to respect them.



Basic provisions


1.  These terms and conditions apply to these services provided

  • dance classes for couples and individuals,

  • dance lesson,

  • individual dance lessons for couples and individuals,

  • group courses,

  • other dance events and workshops.


2.  For the purposes of these terms and conditions:

  • Organizer,  Ing. Petr Skopal, IČ: 755 16 144, with its registered office at Letovická 20, 621 00 Brno, a natural person registered in the Trade Register in Brno.

  • Party,  a participant in dance courses or individual lessons, individual lessons and dance events, ie a client who has registered in the manner specified in Article II. paragraph 1 of these terms and conditions.

  • Kurz,  a comprehensive set of lessons, organized in predetermined dates and spaces.

  • Lesson,  teaching unit within a specific course.

  • Start of the course,  the date of the first lesson of the course stated in the reservation. 

  • Dance events and workshops,  dance events and workshops with free public access.

  • Website,

  • E-mail,


3.  These terms and conditions govern the mutual rights and obligations of the organizer and the participant related to the provision of services listed in paragraph 1.
  The organizer undertakes to provide the participant with the opportunity to use the service on the basis of concluding a contractual relationship and paying the price of the service.  



Concluding a contract you

1.  The contract is concluded as follows:

a) By booking courses or lessons and paying the prescribed amount on the website .

b) By purchasing tickets for dance events and workshops on the website .  

2.  The contract is concluded between the organizer and the participant for a definite period and ends at the end of the last lesson of the relevant course or after the end of the dance event, or before this time in the ways specified in these terms and conditions or resulting from applicable law.
  With regard to the fact that the contract concluded between the organizer and the participant has the nature of a contract for the use of free time in the sense of the provisions of § 1837 letter j) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the “Civil Code”), the client may not withdraw from this contract even if it was concluded remotely or outside the business premises.



Dates and venue of courses, dance events and workshops, attendance and replacement of lessons


1.  Dates of courses, schedule of individual lessons, dates of dance events and workshops are published on the website
  The schedule of lessons of a specific course specifying the date, time and place is given in the reservation. The reservation is confirmed electronically to the e-mail address provided by the participant in the reservation form. The time and place of dance events and workshops are listed on the tickets.
  In exceptional cases, the organizer is entitled to change the time and place of lessons, lessons or dance events and workshops. The organizer must notify the participant of this change without undue delay. Changing the time or place of the lesson is not a reason for financial or other compensation by the organizer.
  The participant's non-participation in lessons, dance events and workshops does not entitle the participant to any compensation or reimbursement by the organizer.
  If, due to force majeure or on the basis of a decision of the Government of the Czech Republic, a decision of the Ministry of the Czech Republic, or a regulation of a hygienic station or on the basis of other generally binding legal regulations, it will be prohibited  or limited by the organizer to the implementation of dance courses, dance events and workshops, the organizer is entitled to change the time and place of the courses to a period after the termination of the reason for the ban or restriction of activities. Due to this change, the participant is not entitled to any compensation from the organizer.



Payment Terms


1.  Current prices of individual courses are listed on the Internet Course prices include VAT and all related fees.
  Payment must be made when booking or purchasing a ticket through the payment gateway.


Cancellation Policy


1.  The participant can cancel the reservation on the website no later than 24 hours before the start of the course.
2.  Reservation for workshops follow the rules for each particular workshop.

3.  Tickets (reservations) for dance event (party) cannot be canceled.



Contract cancellation


1.  The organizer has the right to cancel the contract within 1 week after the start of the course, if the minimum capacity of the course is not met. The minimum number of course participants is individual for each type of course and is determined by the internal rules of the organizer.

2.  In case of cancellation of the course according to this article, the participant will be refunded the paid course fee or its proportional part (if the lesson is held) within 1 week from the date of notification of the cancellation of the contract. In such a case, the participant is obliged to provide all the cooperation necessary for the return of payment.



Access to lessons and events, operating and safety rules of the halls


1.  All dance and exercise rooms in which the organizer organizes its courses and lessons, entry is possible only in exercise or dance shoes or social shoes suitable for dancing. 
2.  Uppers and luggage (except for valuables) must be stored in the locker room before the start of the lesson. It is not possible to wear them in the hall due to space, security or aesthetics. The organizer is not responsible for damages caused by the theft of valuables. Valuables must be carried to the hall.
  Participants are obliged to follow the rules set by the owners and operators of the individual halls in which the organizer organizes its courses, and which are clearly posted in the premises where these courses and events take place. Participants are obliged to respect the instructions of the organizer and authorized persons.

4.  Participants are required to comply with the regulations and measures of state authorities that are valid at the time of implementation of courses, lessons or events. If a participant does not comply or refuses to comply with the ordered measures, he / she will not be allowed to attend the lesson and the participant is not entitled to any compensation or compensation for such a lesson.



Audiovisual recording


1.  At the organizer's lessons, audiovisual recordings can be made by the organizer - especially photographs and video. Participants will always be informed on the spot.  

2.  By concluding the contract, the participant agrees that audiovisual recordings of the participant during the lessons may be made and subsequently used by the organizer without restriction (especially displayed on the organizer's website, social networks or other promotional materials of the organizer).

3.  The participant is not entitled to any remuneration or other compensation for the acquisition and use of such photographs and audiovisual recordings.



Liability for damage and rights from defective performance


1.  The participant is liable for the damage caused by his behavior and actions to other clients and third parties in full. Above all, he is responsible for the damage caused to the equipment of the halls and their components. The participant is obliged to pay the caused damage in full immediately after its occurrence.
  The organizer is not responsible for any injuries of the participant (such as a sprained ankle, broken limb, etc.) or damage to his clothing (such as torn clothes, damaged shoes, etc.), which may occur in connection with the teaching program in the course.
  The organizer is obliged to perform the service to the participant without defects. The participant is obliged to blame the organizer for any defect in performance without undue delay after he has discovered the defect or had the opportunity to find out the defect. The defect can be alleged within a week of the lesson at which the defective service was to be provided, especially the form on the website or by e-mail . Any complaints will be resolved by the organizer within the deadlines and in accordance with applicable law.



Processing of personal data


1.  In order to properly fulfill the contractual relations between the organizer and the participants, the organizer processes the personal data of the participants to the extent necessary for unambiguous identification of the participants.
  The collected personal data may also include any photographic records of the client taken on the premises of the courses. The processing of the client's personal data is regulated in a separate document "Privacy Policy", which is available on the website
  Consent to the processing of personal data is handed over to the participants together with the text of the binding application. Signing this consent by the participant is a necessary condition for concluding a contractual relationship between the participant and the organizer.



Final Provisions


1.  If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, it does not invalidate these Terms and Conditions as a whole.

2.  These business conditions are part of the contractual relationship between the participant and the organizer, therefore these business conditions are also bound by any legal successors of the organizer or participants.
  Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the organizer and the participant, these terms and conditions shall apply to all relations between the organizer and the participant. Issues not regulated by these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code, and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended.
  If a dispute arises between the organizer and the participant that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the participant may turn to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority as a competent out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes on the Czech Trade Inspection Authority's website or directly The consumer can also use the online dispute resolution platform set up by the European Commission at consumers / odr /. You can apply to the competent court to settle the dispute.
  These terms and conditions are available on the website and the potential participant has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with them well in advance of concluding the contract.
  These terms and conditions are provided in a form that allows archiving and reproduction, and can be stored and re-displayed.
7. These terms and conditions enter into force and effect on 14 February 2022 and fully replace the previous terms and conditions.


In Brno, on February 14, 2024
Ing. Petr Skopal vr

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